Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Super Ninjas to the Rescue!

Took these guys out and had a great time playing!  As you can see, they rescued me from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (for those of you old enough to remember Ghostbusters)!  They are pretty awesome with their swords and daggers.  Scared ME...  :)

My personal favorite.  He just kept posing while his brother was fighting off the evil villain!

Fall Mini-sessions

This weekend looks to hold some fantastic weather, so come on out to have photos made in Murfreesboro.  These sessions will be full of new ideas and I'm so excited to see the results.  There will be playful props in an enchanting setting perfect for capturing moments of mischief. 
1.  Saturday morning:  apples and other fun things hanging from trees as well as many other playful props that speak FALL such as baskets, buckets, ladders and more!  Can't wait for the fun!
2.  Sunday afternoon:  a drum set in a field of tall grass with the sun in the background.  Guitar and microphone as well as a couple of other props will also be available for your future rock stars.  Come dressed ready to play!

Call or email me for session info, location and pricing!

Monday, July 4, 2011

A beach, a wedding and a fire

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to travel to Orange Beach, AL for Ashley and Blake's wedding.  I had done their engagement photos a couple of months ago and somehow talked them into letting me shoot their wedding too! 
The weather was fantastic with a nice, cool breeze blowing and temps in the upper 80s.  We did have a little scare at one point when a huge fire broke out a few miles away.  The power went out and there were rumors that the main power source was on fire.  Luckily, within about an hour, everything was back to normal with the exception of a huge smoke cloud billowing behind the condominiums.  Made for some interesting photos at times. 
Everyone had fun and Ashley looked AMAZING!  There is nothing like photos on the beach, and she picked the most fabulous colors to accent it all.  Love these guys. ;)
You can find more photos on Facebook, too!

Pure excitement as she gets dressed!

you can see the cloud of smoke behind them.  No it's not from the cigars...

photo booth

this caught her emotion perfectly

The fire in it's full glory as seen from the reception

Friday, April 1, 2011


Beth and Jason are so perfect together and I had a great time getting to know them as a couple.  Their families were a ton of fun too.  The day went seamlessly and everyone had a fantastic time!  I finally get to post a few from her bridal session, too, now that their big day is over and they are off hanging out in the sun.  Congratulations to them both!

a shot from the photo booth.  They had FUN!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tea Time

These girls have soooo much personality, especially Zoey (the readhead.  Imagine that!)  We found a few places around the house to snap a few pictures & I absolutely LOVE Lyla's (the little one) expression in the family shot!

We then stopped for a little while to have a tea party.  Fun times!  The girls hammed it up for me. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Abi Kate

Meet Abi Kate:  She came into this world January 27th (the day after my own birthday. heehee) through a perfect natural birth.  Yay Mom!  Katie had an incredible experience and I have been blessed to get to know these guys.   She contacted me months ago about doing her maternity photos.  I have to say that she and Tom are one of the most complementary couples I have met.  While he is calm and grounded, she is full of energy and excitement.  Being around them makes you smile.  Abi is going to be one happy kid (though I hear she's got her days and nights a little confused at the moment)! 
Here are a few 'before and after' shots:

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